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Who We Are

Nile Drilling & Services Co. Ltd (NDS) is a leading Oilfield Service company in South Sudan’s Oil industry. In November 2015, Nile Drilling and Services was established as a subsidiary of Nile Petroleum Corporation, the National Oil Company (Nile-pet).

As a leading National Oilfield Service provider for the South Sudan Oil and Gas industry since 2015, NDS developed and deployed the most innovative technologies to serve energy sector and clients looking for more efficient, more reliable and cleaner solutions. During these years NDS has built a good professional reputation. Our tailored, cost effective prices, drilling and workover solutions help our client’s to meet their business objectives.


Our Journey

NDS is committed not only to provide the highest quality and high-tech equipment, but also to provide our trained and experienced personnel with an accurate and timely answer to our clients' needs.


We started back in 2016 providing drilling, workover and construction manpower services to our client DPOC. For a period of 2 years +1 year extension, NDS provided engineering, procurement, construction and commissioning for field surface facilities in block 3&7 and we ended up this contract from 2016 and up to 2020.


In 2017 we executed the Supply, coating and delivery of line pipes for Melut basin oil development project y2017 project to DPOC. This project was very supportive to 2017 DPOC Drilling Campaign.


In 2018, NDS Acquired 2 service rigs; 650 HP and 450 HP and mobilized the rigs to NDS base camp in Paloch Block 3&7 oilfield. Our technical team launched operation with 450 HP service rig that is operating in blocks 3 & 7 since April 2021 and up to date, we are providing workover services to DPOC.


From 2019 to date, NDS has been involved in a number of ongoing business activities including the Supply, coating and delivery of line pipes for Melut basin oil development project y2019 for DPOC. In addition to that, we have on going tender proposals and RFQs with our other clients in Joint Operating Companies(JOCs).

Our Vision

The vision for NDS is to be recognized by excellence and innovation as the leading national oil and gas drilling and service provider in South Sudan.

Key Strategy

Our Mission

To be a proactive drilling and workover solutions provider committed to prompt satisfaction of our clients and the creation of sustainable value for our stakeholders.

Client satisfaction must govern our way of thinking at all levels and across all aspects of the company. Through excellence and innovation, we guarantee value for our partners. Our continuous focus on clients enables us to grow, provide a fair return on investment, and create ongoing career opportunities for our employees.

In compliance with all environmental and governmental regulations, we are committed to conducting our business fairly, honestly and responsibly.

Core Values

NDS upholds the following values as a guideline to its operations and business transactions.

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